R00ted by: Lord Choo3s of Silver Lords

I wanna say bye to poland, now it is Italy's Turn

Webmaster please do the command mv index.bak index.html that will fix the site cuz I've already patch the exploit

Here are the Silver Lords around the world, doing what they do best, DEFACING

Yo ppl Are u tired of being re-deface when you get a box with the wu exploi??
So why don't you patchj it?

with da revolutinare!! LC-WUFTD PATCH v.01

Silver Lords are: Lord Choo3s - Macwiz - f0ul - ScorpionKTX - Mirinda

Shouz to: The ITch, parag0n, Data Cha0s, Insanity Zine Corp, Prime Suspectz, Cboyz, Furia.br, Data Masters, R00t-access Crew(Override), Rat, Zodica, Hackweiser(psaux, NiTeZ), Scurvy, Datagram, Topeira, Furia.br, GForce Pakistan, WFD, n1n0, lucipher, Methamp, Hooyah and every that give greets to me