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m0r0n, nightman and n00gie



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Request to the viewers :

Please see the backed up page of Ministry of Information Technology of Indian if you do not have the time then please, visit, at least these parts of the site

http://www.mit.gov.in/cyber.htm  Relates to cyber crime.

http://www.mit.gov.in/itnews.htm I.T? NEWS!

Messages and threats from wfd:

This shows what Indian I.T. is! The MINISTRY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ITSELF IS IN THE HANDS OF WFD! Admin we are very sorry to state but all the credit cards on your server have been ripped off. Nothing would be used if an officially e-mail from you people comes to us begging us on "not using" credit cards for our own purposes. If no e-mail is received within 24 hours then EACH AND EVERY credit card will be distributed and used in such a way that you might end up having an immense loss! -- signed wfd!



Hand shakes :-

* Gforce Pakistan (Sniper, heataz, Rsnake, instinct, miller and rave-)

* DoctorNuker, m0s and Nitr8!, All of Quit crew)

 * Drumcode, Icefist, dislexik, DownKaos, mar1no, piffy, datagram, Scurvy, dodi and philer!

 * Aniclator, Silver Lords, Devil-Soul, Data Masters-- pr0digy, Rsh, Hackweiser, moshack, ScorpionKTX, Prime Suspects and Dr-hacker.

 * kr4kr0k, |ncubus_, seninel-, vol, senn, Cool-dude, Undercover and everyone else  who supports our cause.

 * Alldas and Attrition (good mirroring sites)

* sub-0, Cyberpunk, B_real, laughing3y3s, h3ll rais3r,  B1n4ry C0d3, brake^off and T|{ g.


Reach all of us @ wfd2001@nightmail.com


Reach m0r0n and nightman @ m0r0nandnightman@doityourself.com


Reach n00gie @ n00gie@islambosna.com






He who runs away lives to hack another day.


 .:: End of facts! ::.

  Hugs to sub-0 of wfd for preparing the flash.

    Happy Birthday m0r0n, from all of WFD.