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Absolute Chennai (India)

So m0sad, your "propaganda writers" don't know what to write about huh? You get so drunk you can't make your own html, so you then start redirecting to other sites eh?  No matter where you move your lies m0sad, we will continue to take them out.  You cannot suppress the truth m0sad, nor can you deny the facts.  You try to tell the world that Israel is the victim of Palestinian violence, but the statistics of the dead and wounded tell the truth.  380 Palestinians dead.  45 Israelis Dead.  17,000 Palestinians have been wounded, 5000 of them children under the age of 18, 2000 of them disabled for life 300 total Israelis wounded. There is a difference.  The Palestinians continue to live under deteriorating and excessively poor conditions under the ILLEGAL Israeli military occupation. They will fight Israeli occupation, until they have freedom.  End the occupation.  Stop the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinian people. -- WFD!


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