Stop the torture!

Torture is abhorrent. Torture is illegal. Yet Torture is inflicted on men, women and children in well over half the countries of the world.
Despite the universal condemnation of torture, it is still used to extract confessions, to interrogate, to punish or to intimidate. In Police stations and prison cells, on city streets and in remote villages, torturers continue to inflict physical agony and mental anguish. Their cruelty kills, or leaves scars on the body and mind that last a lifetime.


What you can do!

We want to work with anyone who is interested in the fight against torture. We want to collaborate with individuals and organisations already working with human rights issues and with organisations who may have members who would like to join our campaign. If you would like to take a step to stamp out torture there are many ways in which you can help us.


Note: Iím not connected to any of these organisations, this is an individual action against torture, but for more info you can visit these sites:



Greetz to Argos, Rabbitramar, MrFloat, ^herman^, Marieke, Jan, Suzanne(meat=murder!).