This is for the media, before they begin labeling us as malicious hacktivists.

With our forays into the cyberspace continues, the media are beginning to hand us labels and
make their own conclusions on the how and the ways we do this. This is our answer. By the time
you've read this, details pretaining to the site would be known to the public. This is penetrated
by another hacktivist group and is aimed to embarass and humiliate chief executive
officer Rama Krishnan on his observations in the local media about our exploits into
We humbly apologize for the defacement even tought it is not our intent to embarass or humiliate
any person(s) or group(s). However we share the same school of thought even tough
our methods differ. Salutes goes out to MyNet crew.

It is in our belief that after the first atricle that appeared in the New Sunday Times of 14th January 2001
and the following report which appeared in The Star, 20th of January 2001, we have succeeded
in making our point known to the media. The point, which we hereby re-iterate here,
is the simple fact that we, as the Malaysian internet users, simply lack the proper approach into internet security
measures. We are still too proud and arrogant to admit that we are too far behind in this particular
field and it allowed foreigners to simply waltz into our servers in any way they choose.

For the record, all the websites defaced are in no way have any data removed or hardware
damaged in the process. In fact, we actually patched the very same bugs that we used to gain
access so to prevent anyone else to penetrate the system. They are no deleted files, they are
only renamed to avoid the webmaster from doing any unnecessary work.

Special greets to: MyCert and Mimos Berhad
Also for the record, we do not have any paper qualifications or certifications from any institutions in
any computer related fields yet we choose to expose this because the bigwigs in MyCERT and Mimos
refuse to admit of their own shortcomings. The society that we live in the 21 century stresses
too much on these paper qualifications. In our own way, this is what we say to them, up yours!
Any more questions?

Shout out to all my friends out there:

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Sluts to all #mynet crew
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Logged off:
sLash^ -@sw8

No damage was done to any of the systems
All remote exploits was patched by us