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Did anybody said... "Hack the planet" ? yeaaah... Hack the motha'fuckin planet... Hack governments all over the world... hack them all... Powered by beer, whisky, vodka and wine Pentaguard is here to hit the al those fancy .gov/.mil servers once again... Why ? Well... who needs them anyway ? We don't... they don't have mp3's, they don't have porn, they don't have warez, they don't have 0-day exploits so they're totally unusefull... (actually not that unusefull, on one of the vulnerable servers I found emergency contraception and birth control methods... that site wasn't defaced... :)))...

So, we sugest... make these fuckin sites usefull... they have bandwith, they have enough storing space... put warez on them, make a few free porn sites, fill them with mp3's... USE them... btw, why can't I order beer from .gov sites ? or whisky ? These sites really suck... we should have deleted them... but... anyway... we saved all the original main, pages with the .bak extension (we're good guys, aren't we ?)... We haven't deleted anything (oh, of course the logs were a little bit modified... :)))... Ok, so now let's get to some personal messages:

[LiGHT]: Evil Angelica....Don't u wanna marry me??? For all the pG members...all u have to do is drink :)).For d3_T0x - smoke weed everyday bro...To my ex-girliefriend a dedication Limp Bizkit-It'll be OK...To all beer producers...gimme more beeeeeeeer...

Diablo: my girlfriend: You know I love you babe... more than anything in the world... to all pG members: Pentaguard will never die unless we run out of beeeer :)... to Mercedes-Benz: Would you give me an SLK if i deface ? :)))

Big fucks go out to: Amnesiac (I have 32 GB of secret info about your lameness :)), Pakistan, Sysop (stop flooding the undernet or you'll find your real name and adress on attrition ), special fuck: Sever: do you really want to get in touch with my ./stealth or what ? [Diablo]

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