This PoOr Security Box Has BeEn DefAcEd By:


from WFD

World Frenetik Defenders

Stop the War... Anyone of you like to be in a war??

Shoutz to All WFD members:

|^CyBeRpUnK^|, nightman, m0r0n, fighter-for-Islam, laughing3y3s, Sofh, h3ll rais3r, B1n4ry C0d3, Drumcode, T|{ g, brake^off, Syr0kill and me.

Zhoutz to:

Zym0t1c, Ador, Mers, Claser, Barko, BlowBack, LK, ShC0d3, ninoide, Alhdeath, Dftkey, nin0, Incubus, Sentinel, dec0d3r, Neon Lenz, B0OB, Misoskian, Tahum, kr4kr0k, Anti Security Hackers, Sound, Rekado,*kArLa*, Bigbyte, Penny, JJmonte, Shaitana, Telnet2, RSH, ER, 8PK, NCA, CT, AC and all u guys of suporting us

... Yeah, I really love you... you know who r me, and i know who r u...

"Tessa, I love you - Incubus"

"Little_vampire, just wanted you to know you're special - Sentinel"

Expressing my taste, black skin, white mind...

If u wanna help us, please contact us.

Nothing was harmed Admin