this flying fuck was rooted by digitalenemy a.k.a the raping gn0me.

yo admin, nothing was harmed..just deleted logs ;p

i would like to join a crew, mail me when you need a new member ;x

greets to:

electronic souls (except morpho!), hackweiser,

badgadjit, b0ob, brainstorm, doom, fusi0n, jargon, modify, 

nu|L, phel0n, philer, starman_jones, th1nk , tribunal

and all tha sexy gals out there..hehe

fuck yous:

coax [guest:guest hacks are lame..huh? fp hacks > guest:guest hacks ;p],

}{eman [silly faggot! sub7 is for kids!],

A_Xer0 [well, ipchains > WINsmurf.EXE...stupid fuck],

hitler crew, britney spears, christina aguilera