PentaGuard.... Cause real hackers never die

When human rights are trashed... n/p it's always an accident... if accidentaly a civilian dies during a millitary training... it's ok... it's only a fucking accident... but when military shit gets defaced everyone is pissed... "geez, these evil crackers/hackers/cyber-terrorists are tampering with our national security"... Fuck OFF...

PentaGuard is back, taking .gov/.mil defacements into another millenium...
Yes, we're still the old "only .gov/mil defacers", why ? Well... first of all PG has a tradition in defacing .gov and .mil domains... if we would sudenly change our targets it would be like Mercedes would be making laptops and IBM sport cars... Second: I think that hitting the government is always a good thing... why hit small little private webistes when U can hit the government...

Uhm... many ppl ask me... "why do you hack ?", "is defacing fun ?", bla bla bla...

Every hacker, script-kiddie or what'ever has it's own reasons for defacing... We have our own specific reasons for defacing
Here's a little poem... maybe you'll understand better why do we hack

Why do we hack

Why do we hack ?
We hack for beer, whisky, vodka and wine
We hack for alcohol and everything that would make us high
We hack for having fun, and mostly...
For gettin' drunk

We hack for freedom of speach and free-mp3's
We hack for free phone calls and pirated CD's
We hack for free-sex and cheaper blowjobs
We hack cause we don't like our jobs

We hack for free-software and no-more-microshit
We hack for less Ricky Martin and N'Sync-bullshit
We hack for Eminem, Limp Bizkit and everyone who's kewl
We hack cause Windows 98 still crash at /null/null

We don't hack for money and fame or shit like that
We hack because we're bored and that's fuckin sad

Thank you for listening... Thanks for fanmails, hate-mails... everything is welcomed... except love-mails cause if my girl friend finds them she'll fuckin kill me :).

Mad shoutz to: All of Pentaguard: [Light] - I got the Ballantines :), no_name - your roots r0ck :))), H3X0r - Netscape sucks, BM[Freak], beculetz, my girlfriend - I love you more than anything, _Tz - W33d p0wer !!!, and everyone who's keeping up the hacking scene: Hackweiser (what happened to you guys ?), Evil Angelica ([LiGHT] wants to be your housband... he's 'leet btw :), everyone else I forgot right now... :)
Defaced by Diablo ( - 2001