I just want to say MEAT=DINNER I like a good steak and I am so glad when they kill a big ass juicy cow to feed me.  Also I would also like to say fuck Palestine and Israel I think that we need to nuke both of you asses.  And as far as the Pakistan and India hackers go you both stink (and I really mean that, you smell really bad, take a bath or something) ( p.s. I also ate your god for dinner tonight) I saw a some really cool site the other day that spoke the truth.  www.whiteamericans.com and www.stormfront.org .  both are very secure though, I checked them out before this hack.  



Fuck Peace, it's overrated.  

Exploit the lamer nations and watch them die.

Have a drink and think about it... g@nDOr says!!! and that's all there is too it.