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Let me tell a story....It's about hypocrisme, about not willing to see the truth..

We all are closing our eyes for what is happing around us, we consume, produce, destroy, kill, torture just to be happy and live a good life.

But how much does nature, mankind, and animals around us have to suffer for it? Let me give you some numbers.

An average person consumes 34 animals a year.

More than 40 % percent of corn and weed production goes to animal food, mostly this is made in 3th world countries.

This year 28 million people are threatend to starve from hunger, this is only in Africa.

1 billion animals are killed each year in experiments

over 8 million tons of oil are spilled into the world's oceans every year

us tuna fishermen are permitted to kill over 20.000 dolphins every year

2 million sharks die in driftnets in the north pacific ocean every year

in the past 20 years approximtately 1 million species have disappeared from the world's tropical forests

17 million animals are trapped in the u.s. each year for fur

90 % of all food born pesticides are found in meat and dairy products

over 1 billion trees are used to make disposable diapers every year.

The money spend by the U.S forces for development and building arms can be used to feed the world for the coming 4 years!!!!!!!!

For so far some facts, if you want more, check www.moby-online.com

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Just a message to the israeli and palestinian guys. I understand you are fighting for a solution, but violence doesn't give a solution, it only makes it more diffult to find one. I'm not saying who to blame...where to are fighting, both sides are to blame..but i disapprove the israeli violence against children, but also the bomb attacks on israeli targets.

End of message.

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