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although i am not religous , not buddhist, not christian, not blind
i was never hindu, never muslim, never baptist, always kind
not left, not right, not skinny , not fat
i always thought things were the way they were
and that was that
when i grew up on the streets i found that things were still the same
what i had learned was real, i had no shame
as time ticked by, and the wrong of the world ran by
i always sat on the corner, propped on a rock
i watched that clock
and i watched time
education is the essential ingredient of a higher life
no matter what you study, or what you think is right
just remember that were all one in the same


•                                     •


the top point represents TRUTH
the bi polar points represent the dual opposing sides
anyone who studies human logic depth and enlightenment would have
studied trinities
and would understand the point of 3, netrual by duality
the secret to breaking racism
to breaking the fight
to breaking whats wrong
and realizing whats right
is realizing that without opposing dual sides
the trinity does not exist
only a single truth would exist, and that is considered
the gods eye
life is more complicated then realizing the gods eye of view in
a simple step
we do it in ourselfs
and then we try to do it together, however, some of our perceptions
the friction of opposing sides is what creates truth

"as soon as a man is fully disposed to be alone with God, he is alone with god no
matter where he be.. in the country , the monastery, the woods or the city.
The lightening flashes from East to West, illuminating the whole horizon and
striking where it pleases and at the same instant the infinite liberty of god
flashes in the depths of that mans soul, an dhe is illumined. At that moment
he sees that though he seems to be in the middle of his journey, he has already
arrived at the end. For the life of grace on earth is the beginning of the life
of Glory. Although he is a traveler in time, he has opened his eyes for a moment
in eternity" -Merton

let me remind you that i do not follow a religon, i only follow

higher truth and understanding

dual opposing sides will always have a third point

let me compare text for those who doubt

my research and education

we have the east

" we are born into the world of nature; our second birth is into the world of spirit" -bhagavad gita

yes b1t reads.. b1t reads much

we have the west

" except ye be converted and become as little childern, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven" - jesus

but the essential point of this trinity

is that  we all shed our primary life, in the hopes of reaching

the spiritual self.

•        •

i defaced this site to bring a moment of your time

to the state of human kind




respect to mr'o, neonlenz, tribunal, daemonx, and


especially the jones girls

(thank you for keeping me alive and supporting the progression of positivity)