wHat a shiTTy hAck, FP full open, not 31137 h@(k0r - g@ndor is wHo i aM

pLease fix your fRONtpAgE ExteNtioNs, there wIDe opEn.  e-mail gAnDOr@husHMaIl.cOm  I will fix them for you free of charge.  I hate to see people get hacked especially by lamer's that know nothing but how to run a script or open a site in FrontPage.  I am going to help these people....  byte me wiener boyz (and girlz, especially girlz :))



this site was played with by:

0wn3d by HFURY ..............t0rl3y and Serious 03/01/2001

never hacked, just some people that have a little security hole.  I am after all you lamers, I am going to get you.  You need to stop messing with people that are stupid and have no security.