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This ./hack isn't for j00, this ./hack isn't for hackweiser, this ./hack isn't for kn0wledge, this ./hack is for my love.

Ladies and gentlemen...
I wanna say to you that I'm in love.

Really for about a month, I have been in love with a girl.
Met her on 11/17/2000. Hm. Maybe this was the best thing in my life.
On 12/10/2000 I said to her that I liked her, then on 12/14/2000 we kissed =).
When I'm with her, I'm very happy. So, I want be with her forever.

Yesterday, I was with her, commemorating *new year* (I knew its daddy =]). At 00:00:01 of 2001 was our first kiss in new century. I was with her when the new century started. =)

She is the most pretty of all girls in world. Sincerely, she's perfect.

I'm going to go live in France, but I'm thinking about us... I don't want live in France, far of my love.

During many times, I thinked love anothers girls, but now I know. I never loved another girl. I liked others girls, but never loved. My love, you showed this for me. What I feel for you, I never felt for another person. I want only you in my life.

Hey my baby, I LOVE YOU. You make my life be better. I never will forget you. You're all that I want.

Do you remember when did I know you? HEH. I was thinking of you during all of the night. I knew you owned me. You own my heart now. My mind too. YOU OWN ME!

All the times, when I see you, my heart beats faster. During few seconds, I lose my voice, and I don't know what I'll say. Later, I can kiss you. Your kiss makes it all better. My favorite kiss happened yesterday, when we were listening to that song.


I'll say another thing now.

A good question: why am I hated?

I never made anything against you dudes. I don't like be hated. What's the cause? Nah, sincerely, I don't know. Like me, ok?

Mad shouts to all my friends.


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