November 7, 1993  Efraim Ayoubi  was driving to Kiryat Arba. His was passed by an Arab car which pumped thirty slugs into him. Ayoubi died instantly, leaving a pregnant wife and four children.  "All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance!"

February 10, 1994  Naftali Sahar, a 75 year old  citrus grower, was beaten to death with an iron bar in his orchard near Kibbutz Na'an.  "All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance!"

February 25, 1994  Sam Eisenstadt, age 80, was chopped up with an axe in the center of Kfar Saba.  "All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance!"

Another Broken Jewish Link!April 9, 1995  Alisa Flatow, 20, was riding a public (Jewish) bus near the Israeli settlement of Kfar Darom  when an Arab suicide bomber plowed his car into that bus.  Alisa and seven Israeli soldiers, all under the age of 21, were killed.  Alisa was one of 20 AMERICAN victims of the so-called "Peace" process!  "All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance!"

It Go Booooooom!August 21, 1995  Five Israelis were killed and at least 100 injured when an Arab bomb ripped apart a bus in a residential neighborhood of Jerusalem... the City of Peace!  "All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance!"

It Go Booooooom!March 4, 1996  A suicide bomber killed at least 10 people and and wounded at least 35 others. The Arab bomber, with explosives strapped to his body, blew himself up in the street near the indoor mall known as Dizengoff Center.  "All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance!"

It Go Booooooom!May 27, 1997
  An Arab suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded Tel Aviv outdoor cafe killing three  people  and injuring at least 40 others.  "All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance!"

September 4, 1997  At least seven people were killed and more than 190 (mostly Jewish) injured after three explosions simultaneously ripped through a  pedestrian mall in Jewish West Jerusalem. "All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance!"


Shall we carry this nightmare called "peace" a step further? Let's say that Arafat, Hamas, Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad, or one of the other Palestinian "Liberation" groups calls for massive armed assaults on Jewish settlements in the more heavily-populated Arab areas. So as not to be thought of as "Zionist sympathizers," Israel's Arab citizens would join in with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. In a scenario such as this, nuclear weapons have little value. But wait, the nightmare isn't over. While the Israeli Army mobilizes internally to meet all these attacks, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and maybe even Iraq launch a coordinated surprise attack upon Israel's borders to finally finish off Israel. Am I dreaming the impossible... or can you not imagine the unimaginable?

     SURVIVAL... Not Racism!

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The G-d of Israel has given us all the tools to bring immediate redemption. It is now up to us to use them. The longer we pretend that we know how to make peace better than He does, the more grievously we will suffer, G-d forbid. It is true that one of G-d's Names is Shalom, Peace. But we would do well to remember that He is also called a Man of War. There is no honor in a peace which would have us denying our obligations to G-d. And there is no shame in fighting a war to uphold those obligations. If Mr. Barak is prepared to make painful decisions, then let him decide to rid our country of the cancer which is destroying us from within. Anything less will only make the current war to destroy Israel even more violent and bitter. (Gary M. Cooperberg)

Palestinian proudly showing the Jewish blood on his hands
Palestinian celebrating bloody murder of Israelis in Ramallah




Anti Islamic Extremism Propoganda by Masti

Bomb explosion in Jerusalem Market: 10 Killed. Bus Exploded in Srinagar, Kashmir: 3 infants among 12 killed
US army personal shot dead in Riyadh. Arms and Ammunitions  seized in Delhi, 3 Pakistan Nationals held.
Growing concern in Israel over the use of Children as suicide bombers by Islamic terrorist groups . We will blast off India, Israel and then the world with our Islamic Nuclear Bomb: Gen Parwaz Musharaf, current "owner" of Pakistan
Another Israeli Soldier beaten to death by Palestine vandals. 17 Killed in Moscow as Islamic Terrorists blast a residential colony.

Topic of the week:  Islamic Terrorists, an overview

All over the world, headlines consists of death, explosion, drugs and  what not. In Asia, the biggest threat to humanity is ISLAMIC EXTREMISM. The turbulent political situation is very dangerous. The rise of EXTREMISM is a warning: things in future are going to be gloomy, dark. Unless this menace of ISLAMIC EXTREMISM is dealt with utmost seriousness, peace is impossible on Earth.

Take Kashmir for example. Till 1990 there was no cry for independence. Suddenly, a whole of Afghani and Pakistani along with Mujahedeen from Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia entered the Kashmir valley and ruined the states future. The Indian state that was once famous for its religious tolerance underwent a tormented decade. First the Hindus of Kashmir who were living in that Land for 4000 years had to migrate and live like refugees. Now the targets are the Sikhs and Christians ..tomorrow it could be the innocent Buddhists. The economy of Kashmir has been doomed. It would take centuries for Kashmir to recover. And for what and whom????? For some thing called JEHAD. 


Children are used for blasting bombs by the ISLAMIC TERRORITS. This is the height of inhumanity. Just for the personal interest of some fugitive, failed leader, innocent children are used as human bombs. They are made to stand in front of tanks!!! The remote in the hand of his father, and after a irreligious prayer the father blasts his child for the sake of JEHAD! The  Father is congratulated by the "officers" and he gets a promotion. This is a common scene in all the troubled regions of Asia.

ASIA that gave birth to civilization is now under threat. Annihilation of humans  can be stopped. First, the Muslims should realize that the world has changed  a lot from  the medieval times. This is the new age, an era where we can help each other out. Secondly, all problems can be solved peacefully. No amount of bombs and guns can bring peace. There are civilized ways of sorting of problems.

And what about the arms the so called Fighters for Islam are using??? The old stale guns, rejected from the Western world. They are selling their land and women folk to get money for buying illegal arms and ammunition.  Countries that could not succeed in providing their citizens food have enough money to buy illegal guns????


Photo feature

A daily scene in Israel. A father crying over his sons coffin. The deceased , who was an Israeli soldier was crushed to death by sticks and stones A Muslim youth killed when a Bomb explosion took place in the crowded market place. The local Muslims who cooperate with the Indian Army are shot dead in the Kashmir valley by Pakistan based terrorist groups . (Jehad against whom???????)


from Pollution, AIDS and ISLAMIC TERRORISTS 

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