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(Sadly, we are very disappointed that the news media is portraying our hack of the 'Anti-Defamation' League as an evil attack against an anti-racist group. We're not evil or unethical hackers, we're merely for the truth, for the cause of justice to prevail.  We did not post any threats on the defaced ADL page.  Check it out at http://defaced.alldas.de/mirror/2000/12/26/www.adl.org/.  We posted the truth, but there are many individuals who hate the truth and would like to see it suppressed.  In response to this, we prepared this page.  Please check it out.  The Anti-Defamation League is anything BUT a civil rights group.  These people are murderers.  Foxman, "Palestinians are prolonging violence?!  What, even when 330 of them are dead, and 17,000 wounded, as opposed to 39 Israelis dead and only 100 wounded?!  So Foxman, if you think that you can continue to deceive the vast majority of the world populace with your manipulation, you got another thing coming...The truth will be vindicated...Here is the REAL truth about the Anti-Defamation League.)

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Anti-Defamation League: The biggest racist, fascist organization in America Since 1913


See the true face of the ADL and Israel...

Links for you from the ADL:

Anti-Semitism - Anybody who even slightly criticizes Israel apartheid or our organization is labeled Anti-Semetic.
Who bombed the U.S.S. Cole?  We did! But the American Media will never tell you because we control it!
We kill Palestinians and the Americans think that we're a civil rights group!
How we spy on anybody who even slightly criticizes Israel.
Our most recent assassinations of political leaders against our policies.
The Current Holocaust against the Palestinian people which we fervently support.
We at the ADL are the REAL terrorists, but ofcourse we don't want you to know that. With the help of the corporate watchdogs of the mass media, we retain a pose as a civil rights group, although in reality we are the butchers of Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Pop Quiz for Everyone:

Which  country alone in the Middle East has nuclear weapons?

Answer: Israel

Which country in the Middle East refuses to sign the nuclear non-profileration treaty and bars international inspections?

Answer: Israel

Which country in the Middle East seized the sovereign territory of other nations by military force and continues to occupy it in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions?

Answer: Israel

Which country in the Middle East routinely violates the international borders of another sovereign states with warplanes, artillery, and gunfire?

Answer: Israel

What American ally in the Middle East has for years sent assassins into other countries to kill its political enemies? (sometimes called exporting terrorism)

Answer: Israel

In which country in the Middle East have high-ranking
military officers admitted publicly that unarmed
prisoners of war were executed?

Answer: Israel

What country in the Middle East refuses to prosecute its
soldiers who have acknowledged executing prisoners of

Answer: Israel

What country in the Middle East created 762,000 refugees
and refuses to allow them to return to their homes, farms,
and businesses?

Answer: Israel

What country in the Middle East refuses to pay compensation
to people whose land, bank accounts and businesses it

Answer: Israel

In what country in the Middle East was a high-ranking United Nations diplomat assassinated?

Answer: Israel

In what country in the Middle East did the man who ordered the assassination of a high-ranking U.N. diplomat become prime minister.

Answer: Israel

What country in the Middle East blew up an American diplomatic facility in Egypt and attacked a U.S. ship in international waters, killing 33 and wounding 177 American sailors.

Answer: Israel

Which country on Planet Earth has the 2nd most powerful lobby in the United States of America?

Answer: Israel


No Merry Christmas in Palestine this year...

The Israeli Army has been bombing Bethlehem for a few weeks now.  Churches have been destroyed with tank shells and missiles by American-bought tanks and helicopter gunships.  In addition, the entire town has been blockaded from all sides by Israeli forces.  AMERICA IS A PREDOMINANTLY CHRISTIAN COUNTRY.  Oh people of America, your Christians as well as their Muslim brothers and sisters are being butchered in Palestine as we speak!  

For the REAL Truth about what's happening in Palestine, visit:

Palestine Info Center

Media Monitors Network


Islamic Association for Palestine

Intifada Online

Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinian people



Free Palestine!
Free Kashmir!
Free Chechnya!
Free Kosova!
Free Bosnia!





Crisis in the Middle East  

The Truth about the "Anti-Defamation League":


Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
The Background:

1947, All of what is now modern Israel was Palestine.  Out of seemingly nowhere, ultra-nationalistic Jews came out of nowhere, butchered and killed thousands upon thousands of Muslim and Christian Palestinians in order to steal the authority.  Babies were beheaded.  Children's throats were slit.  500 Palestinian villages were wiped off the map.  Hundreds of Mosques and Churches were eradicated.  Over 5 Million Palestinians were thrown out of their homes and forced to live in refugee camps in Gaza, West Bank, and neighboring countries.  And for 50+ years, the Palestinian people have been indiscriminately treated as 2nd Class Citizens, denied not only the land that is rightfully theirs, but also the basic human rights of common society.  This...is the great injustice of the Middle East...


A Message to Foxman and his ADL Minions:

Do you think that you can suppress the truth by deceiving the American people?  You claim to be a civil rights group but in reality your organization is one that promotes, encourages, and fosters inhumane atrocities against the Palestinian people, both in America and the Middle East.  In addition, you have tried to taint the image of certain charitable, informational, and political American-Arab and American-Muslim organizations with dumbfounded accusations of terrorism when in fact they have no ties whatsoever to it.  The Truth will be vindicated Foxman.  And not a damn thing you can do about it.  For countless years now, you and your pathetic organization have used the good-hearted, good-willed American people as instruments to strengthen your evil Zionist agenda on Israel.  Your full-fledged control over the air networks, the newspapers, and the radio has succeeded in deceiving the American people into believing your flagrant falsehoods and palpable lies.  You persecute any reporter or journalist who goes against your blatant deceptions, most of the time discrediting them through your colossal pro-Israel propaganda  throughout America.  Your spies have silenced the speakers of truth, while your "anti-hate" campaign has given the common people the notion that you are heroes, instead of the racist, fascist, Zionist pigs you really are.  Now the tables will turn...We will expose your lies, crimes, and inhumanity to the entire world.  Falsehood will become truth...Darkness will become light...A revolution is coming Foxman.   A war is brewing Foxman...a war that you will lose.


 - World's Fantabalous Defacers

P.S.  - Our policy is not to destroy, but to deface.  Your database has remained unharmed and untouched as have those of all our other 'victims', but if we are provoked by you or your ally organizations in any way, matter, shape, or form, we will certainly not hesitate to go beyond defacements, because we certainly have the ability to. 


  • Life During the Crisis: Impact on Palestinians


  • Write to Congress!
    -  Tell them that the Anti-Defamation League is spying on them as well as anybody in the news media who criticizes Israel.
    - Urge them to prosecute the Anti-Defamation League for crimes against humanity, democracy, and free-speech including, but not limited to:
  • (1) conspiring with Israeli Mossad intelligence to bomb the U.S.S. Cole a few weeks ago in order to make the "Arab Countries" look evil in the eyes of America
  • (2) illegally spying on hundreds of American organizations and individuals and selling this information to Israeli and South African governments.
  • (3) funding, fostering, and maintaining the inhumane Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people 
  • (4) deceiving the American people by portraying the Palestinian victims as "assailants" or "terrorists", when in reality it the Palestinian people that are suffering and being oppressed by the Israeli Army.


Israeli soldier with "Born to Kill" written on his back.  That says it all.  321 Palestinians have been murdered in the current crisis by the Israeli Army.  39 Israelis have been killed.  11,000 Palestinians have been seriously wounded. 100 Israelis have been wounded.  Big difference.  Israel is the oppressor, the Palestinians are the oppressed.


The Israeli Defence Forces have erected tight blockades around almost all Palestinian towns and have prevented essential humanitarian supplies from reaching starving, suffering families.  In addition, the IDF has shot and destroyed half of all Palestinian ambulances, even shooting medics as they try to help the wounded.  ISRAELI SOLDIERS EVEN SHOT A CNN CORRESPONDENT AND AN AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHER, seriously injuring them both.  Is this "the utmost self-restraint"?!?!  We don't think so, and quite frankly, if all Americans knew this, they wouldn't either.  


ADL Press Releases:

ADL is proud to announce that it has beheaded 5 more Palestinian baby terrorists!

ADL is conjunction with Israeli Mossad is honored to announce that it has thrown another 500 Palestinian children in torture cells this week!

It is ADL's utmost pleasure to announce that in conjunction with Mossad, it has successfully paid large sums of money to 2 Yemen nationals to bomb the U.S.S Cole and then have a trial for them as a gimmick to deceive the American people.

ADL is embarrassed to say that its website has been hacked and that the truth about their organization and Israel in its entirety has been revealed.




Media Watch:

The Anti-Defamation League now has full control over almost all television networks and newspapers in America.  Among the most popular newspapers that the ADL fully controls are The Washington Post and The New York Times. The Anti-Defamation League has devoted its very existence to massacring, butchering, and dispossessing the Palestinian people, in addition to carrying out a mass disinformation campaign to deceive the American People as to the truth about what happened in the Middle East.

The Anti-Defamation League claims to be fighting against hatred, but is actually itself a Neo-Nazi group that fosters the mass holocaust of the Palestinian people at Israeli hands.  


The pathetic flag of Israel, a racist, fascist piece of shit nation that denies a whole people their rightful land, their independence, and their basic human rights.




This hack is dedicated to the good-hearted American people who are being manipulated by the ADL and being used as instruments to support the rogue state of Israel.  The American people are being given false truths by organizations such as the ADL, who claims to be a leader in civil rights, but is actually no more than Israeli Mossad's wing in the America..  By working with the Israeli government and the IDF, the ADL spreads its false propaganda throughout America, deceiving the innocent people, and turning them against the oppressed Christian and Muslim Palestinians.  If anybody criticizes Israel, the ADL persecutes that individual until he/she is effectively silenced.  They are the true terrorists, the real villains, and now we will fight them until their falsehood is silenced.

A Jew from the American state of Chicago protests against the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people.  We salute him and his organization, as well as the Jews for Justice in Palestine organization, and all the Muslims of America!

Rally in American capital Washington D.C. on Jerusalem Day.  LONG LIVE PALESTINE!

A Palestinian baby "terrorist" beheaded by the IDF...Well Foxman, if you saw your baby son being beheaded before your very eyes, will you be the same?  Palestinian children in refugee camps see their brothers, sisters, and parents being insulted and abused by the IDF daily.  The Israeli army shoots tank shells at Palestinian refugee camps everyday.

Israeli soldiers violently push aside a little boy after murdering his mother...The little boy is in shock and disbelief, but the events that he has witnessed have left him with childhood scars that will never heal.  His life is destroyed.  He's alone...He has no one now...He has nothing left in life...

Israeli soldiers have taken away the mother that bore and loved him...




Dec. 8th : Fifty school girls in Kalkilya treated for tear gas inhalation

Occupied Jerusalem- Israeli occupation troops today fired several tear gas shells at the Sharja School for Girls in Kalkilya, causing as many as fifty children to suffocate. The girls were taken to the main hospital in Kalkilya for treatment of gas-inhalation. Two of the girls were in difficult but non life-threatening conditions, said hospital sources.  

All she did was wave a peace sign...Even then the Israeli pigs fired at her. According to Israel, if a little girl waves a peace sign at you, you fire tear gas shells at her.  (Ofcourse, because little girls are a grave threat to Israel's 'national security'.)  May God's damnation be on Israel.


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 Israeli Logic:


"If you kill one person, you are a murderer, if you kill ten people you are a celebrity, and if you kill a quarter of a million people, you get invited to a peace conference."















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