After we have seen "Hackers" movie (been drunk that is) we started thinking:"What if we start hacking again?"
May this be our rebirth?Those of you who remember Pentaguard we have a lame message for you:"Hack the planet"That way you'll be leet fux0rs like we are!
As H3X0r said last month on a defacement,we([LiGHT] and n0nam3) invite the other -pG members to rise and shine again!
God damn...that chicx0r from Hackers movie(AcidBurn) is so fuckable...does anyone have her e-mail?Send it to us pls!We'd like too root her pussy!

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Shoutz to:The rest of Pentaguard crew(the best in da whole world :),_T or Tzz (cause that's how we like to call him),the rest of #nonstop irc channel on undernet servers.