"show me a girl and I'll let her play with my lizard"

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An Indian Information Warfare Initiative

totschlaeger,Sad_mInd,german_gu (aka hackdread)

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This site has been defaced primarily to drive home the need to strengthen our country's cyber defenses against attacks originating from hostile external agencies such as Pakistan sponsored GForce, Muslim Online Syndicate (MoS) and the Pakistan Hackers Club (PHC). 

The CMS Group is responsible for traffic signaling systems and other critical functions in large Indian metros and the importance of protecting the computing and networking infrastructure that they own cannot be overstated. This intrusion is to help ourselves be aware and take the necessary steps in the right direction. 



RSnake, di0aD,#hackphreak, #rootworm,p00laround www.hack.co.za,attrition.org,rattle-snake.org,the_kid_next_to_us


the beriyas and the thesias and all the other mortals

(you all know who u R)h


hey r00t!

maybe you should quit being so *promiscuous* and pay more attention to simpler security procedures; they can go a long way

...sorry only logs deleted...