Win win win !


Yes it's christmas once again, and to celebrate I am giving you a very special present from me.

..What's the deal miss Eveel ?

Well I'll tell you...

Are you too brainless to hack a website ?

Scared the feds might catch you ?

Would you like to be the envy of all you friends ?

Wouldyou like to be a l33t h4x0r ?




 Here's what you do..

Design a cool web defacement, using your own name or group, zip it up with all the images and send it to me at

Hint, I like evil or amusing .Any that I like I will place instead of my usual shitty defacements. That's it, there will be no mention of me on the hack, and you can take all the credit. Then lie back and bathe in your glory .For you are now a hacker.



 Latest date for christmas is 23 dec. Angelica's decicion is final.