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Yes Mr. Admin Your Systems Security Was Compromised By A "Hacker". This Was Only Done Because Of The Media Always Looking At Us Like We Are Bad. We Are Not Bad!! We Are As Needed As The Air You Breate You See Without Failure You Can Not Understand Success. And Secondly We Are Not Here To Make Your Life Hell By Fucking Up Your Web Site We Are Here To Let You Know You Need A Little More Work And We Would Appriate It If You Gave Us A Little More Credit. Your Old Html Is Here and You Can Go Get The Patch So Other Hackers Wont Do This To You Again Here Thank You.

illusory, rsh, jiggles, scar (or whatever j0r handel is), Electronic Souls, websk8ter, Ev|l^jon, Lord-Mage , and [Paradox]

Hackers Manifesto - Because What Hack Is Really Complete Without It

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