Data Masters 2k

Another site owned, another six pack of tasty Jolt Cola wasted while sitting
in front of the glowing command line. Aaahhh... root.
Such a sweet, yet forbidden fruit. Well, we got it from you, good.
Well, this site *has* been hacked. No, it wasn't very hard at all.
We aren't doing this to be l33t0 h4x0rz or anything like that, we just want
to get the message across. No computer is secure. Anyone can be hacked.
No matter how big your business or how technologically advanced your network,
sooner or later, you'll be hacked. This is what happened here.
Security is only as strong as it's weakest link, that's the hacker's job -
to find that link and exploit it to gain further access.
Normally you would have something to be afraid of, but not today. We come not to hurt your data,
but to explore. We have found your site insecure and have brought that fact to your attention.
In the future, you should think more about these things and maybe this won't happen again.
We are just informing you of this weak security before someone
with a malicious intent gets there first.
... Now that this has been said, on to the other stuff ...

... the data masters are ...

admin - questions? comments? contact us here

Note to Admin : Nothing on this server was harmed. The old index was renamed to index.old.html
No files have been deleted except, perhaps, certain entries in the logs, for protection purposes.

Jolt Cola, product website at
. ummm... the official hacker drink.

ummm... /me loves Jolt Cola... "The Official h4x0r Drink" =)

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