Mr_Twig hacked and defaced ATIO's webserver

Mr_Twig thinks ATIO needs to learn how to secure their Webserver

Mr_Twig doesn't think farts are funny under ANY circumstance

Mr_Twig loves women

Mr_Twig voted DA

Mr_Twig HATES Pieter Immelman (Gaspode)

Mr_Twig thinks Dr. Wouter Basson invented HIV to kill the blacks

Mr_Twig framed OJ Simpson

Mr_Twig invented a/s/l

Mr_Twig hacked NATO's computers and programmed them to bomb the Chinese Embassy

Mr_Twig pees in the Atlantic Ocean and laughs when watching people swimming in it

Mr_Twig does HTML coding in vi

Mr_Twig loves Nandos

Mr_Twig cleaned the oil off the penguins and donated the oil to Zimbabwe

Mr_Twig doesn't think Miss South Africa is pretty

Mr_Twig drives a fast car

Mr_Twig is having a bad hair day

Mr_Twig wants Gaspode to be put in a wheelchair

Mr_Twig loves Icebabe

Mr_Twig refuses to pay for a TV license

Mr_Twig wishes PAGAD would stop bombing Cape Town

Mr_Twig loves backrubs and rainbows

Mr_Twig is a touch typist

Mr_Twig was Kung-Foo Fighting

Mr_Twig says "Did I do that?"

Mr_Twig thinks Gareth Cliff at 702 is funny

Mr_Twig for president

Mr_Twig has taken E

Mr_Twig thinks the "xargs" command is too cool

Mr_Twig will be paying more for medical aid next year

Mr_Twig is tired and needs sleep - BYE