m0r0n and nightman of Pakistan own you! Since this hack is not a GLOBAL AWARENESS hack we are not going to put it under our group ( Worlds Fantabulous Defacers) . This hack is just to let the admin of this site know how PATHETIC AND DESPICABLE his security is! BANKALFALAH is supposed to be a leading bank with online banking! Am i kidding? No i am not. Admin i could have done more to just defacing this page but I did not I mean we did not :) . OH and yeah I have heard this site is affiliated with Microsoft well here is cheers to Microsoft for making such an excellent server! So MISTER ADMINISTRATOR instead of asking pathetic Microsoft about what happened here and how to secure your server ASK US we would be able to help you better than Microsoft. Email us @ m0r0nandnightman@hushmail.com . Greetz to : All the banks on I.I. Chundrigar Road except BANK ALFALAH :) , Iniquity , Laughingeyes , CoolDude , UnderCover and all the Pakistanis especially Karachiites! LONG LIVE PAKISTAN!