Yes... HACKED..
Now only information has real cost.
And it cannot be guarded by armed squad
or even by the goverment special forces. One
can destroy an whole company with one click.
Remember about it...

The flag it's Our proud.The sound in the background it's Israeli anthem.             = I'm to sexy for my hack ;-)

              Looks like the site is hacked ,Don't you think so ?

   Lebanon Stop Be Involved In The Islamic eXtremism !!!!!!!

You will see how the world will destory the islamic eXtremism and you will be destroyed with them to. Stop to call killing of innocent peoples jihad it's the lamest excuse in entire world =)...hizbollah will not help you becouse they will be eXecuted to DEATH BY ISRAELi ARMY or ISRAELi SECURITY FORCES,go go go go IDF !!!!

Sorry, but that's not us who started it... Say thanks to peoples that started hacking Israeli sites... Now it's time for revange.

Note: Remember You are not the last .. there will be more.. much more . You will sorry for killing our people and children ... Here in CyberSpace you will be our victims now.. until you stop the terror.
To world: Peoples Wake UP The Islamic Extremism it's the most serious and hurm extrmism in the world they murder childrens ,women, men, soldiers, and any one who stand on their way and their way is a chaos even THE KORAN is against murder .We need to stand up and fight against the Islamic Extremism at real world and at the cyberspace.
Thanks to: All sites that hosting our defaces,, If i forgot someone i am very sorry send me eMail i will add you next time to the Thanks list.     
Fuck to: The Fuck's list is empty ;-)

Thanks to Natush

Greets to:
  • All Russian security advicers i can not tell their names for now.
  • Peoples:b00ster, fap, in4mer, AccessD, cnupT, Natush, infr0, ac[x7f]id, Coma_whitE, l0st_h0st, hhs_, mam0nt, z7, UkR-XblP,and to all peoples that we froget.
  • Teams: Death Hacker Moscow, IRCtoolZ ,GIBBONS POWER .
  • Special thanks going to: _marvel_.

  • Stop Killing our children and parents, mossad will find you every were !!!

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