0wn3d by [ W F D ]       


 Reason behind this defacement Global Awareness.peace around the world 

Do not stop dreaming! 
One day your world-peace-dream 

Will inundate the entire world.

  A mind of peace 
Loves all. 
A heart of peace 
Awakens all. 
A life of peace 
Satisfies all. 
There is nothing more valuable 
On earth or in Heaven 
Than peace, 
And this peace we get 
Only in our heart's oneness-delight. 
Members defacing for a cause : 
m0r0n,  Nightman,  Brake^Off,  B_real,  hid03ous, B1n4ry C0d3, sir0killer 
Gr33tz : DELAY, Psycho-Penguin, GeXuS ,Module,  Gforce Pakistan, Doctor Nuker, and others  I can't remember 

hack dedicated to my girlie Susan.

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