Yes... HACKED..
Now only information has real cost.
And it cannot be guarded by armed squad 
or even by the goverment special forces. One 
can destroy an whole company with one click.
Remember about it...

Our proud            = I'm to sexy for my hack ;-)

              Looks like the site is hacked ,Don't you think so ?

 Sorry but that's not us who started it .... Say thanks to : m0r0n, &, nightman, they started hacking Israeli sites... they hacked a lot of by their lame way. Now it's time for revange.
Shame to: IHC group .. they even couldn't defend Israeli servers from lame attacks.

Note: Remember You are not the last .. there will be more.. much more . You will sorry for killing our people and children ... Here in CyberSpace you will be our victims now.. until you stop the terror.
Fuck to: =) .

Thanks to Natush

Greets to:
  • All Russian security advicers i can not tell their names for now.
  • Peoples:b00ster, fap, in4mer, AccessD, cnupT, Natush, infr0, ac[x7f]id, [navigat0r],l0st_h0st, hhs_, mam0nt, z7, UkR-XblP .
  • Teams: Death Hacker Moscow  ,Z.e.t.a , IRCtoolZ ,GIBBONS POWER .
  • Special thanks going to: _marvel_.

  • Stop Killing our children and parents, mossad will find you every were !!!

           © Greets to: m0sad team (for this work)