You're 0wn3d!!

Please fix the lame bug in yer servers, c0z everybody can h4x0r yer lame NT server. And believe me,
I am more lame than Gerrie and even I can h4x0r thiz, so plz c0m'0n just INSTALL A REAL OPERATING
SYSTEM!@# jUsT iNsTalL BsD

Hi My NamE iS MrFlOaT AnD i LoVe KoNtSexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WhuHEhHhEAhEhe
Greetingz 2:
ViPER, Ivo_, N|gHtHaWk, AsBy, MaStA-N, drgeniuz, Xphere, ^herman^, pippitaal ^_^,
dUg0, ScRipX0r (keep coding yer MUD!), Cinder, MaCe-, Nl_Flunk, ^max^, GeNeticS,
P0rt`, _Virus_, Scorpster, InZ-, b0m3r, Spantie, RH-`, flyahh, figuurtje, bivaq,
ScreamOnl, Mitsai, Va|heru, dagger, dvorak
and all the others hanging around in #hit2000 and #h4h and of course the best cr00

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