You have been hacked by m0r0n and nightman of Pakistan. NO! WE ARE NOT DEAD!! People have literally forced us to come back. We thought that after the elections in the U.S. are over the stupid U.S. government would do something about the Palestine problem! BUT! GUESS WHAT!! The election issue has been lingering on and only God knows when the new President would be SELECTED ( i am not sure about the ELECTED PART). So because of the people being forcing us and OF COURSE THE VIOLENCE still continuing and aggravating as each day pass by WE HAVE DECIDED TO COME BACK. So here is our global awareness message once again... ISRAEL STOP KILLING INNOCENT PALESTINIANS! AND STOP KILLING CHILDREN!!! We say once again that GUNS AGAINST STONES is pathetic! Uptill now more than 150 Palestinians which includes CHILDREN UNDER 15 years of age, teenagers like you and us and not to mention women. Our greets go to.. Gforce Pakistan, DoctorNuker, m0s, Cyberpunk and company, Aniclator, Prime suspects and everyone WHO SUPPORT US! We can be reached @ . By the way we have a lot of abuses for RACISTS! ( who THINK that they are defacing for a cause but on the contrary put ANTI-CHRISTIAN CONTENTS. Please remember that we are not against any religion, cast or creed BUT SURELY WE ARE AGAINST VIOLENCE! Peace @ Palestine and Pakistan Zindabad!