Defaced by B_Real and Alhdeath from WFD

Owned by B_Real And Alhdeath
from World Fuck Defacers

Weak Security Means Stupidity

K13R0 D3DIK4R 3Z73 D3F4C3 4 T0D4Z L4Z B15H3Z 3N M1 LIZ7A D3 1CQ ... 1nzh3z p1ruj4z

Special greetz to Alhdeath, Dftkey, Iskra, Porto_7, Kuis, B0OB, JJMonte,Barko, datagram and ER'z graffitiz guyz

World Fuckers Defacers


|^CyBeRpUnK^|, Hid30us, B1n4ry C0d3, Brake^off, yzt, Skiller , Module, Psycho-penguin, Philer and Me

S4V3 TH3 W473R, DR1NK B33R

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