defaced by the dhc (nemesystm)


Not destined for this world, 
alone and wondering. 
Friends become foes, 
and I am left alone. 

Tears falling to a 
silent ear in the night, 
no one knows my pain. 

And yet in all of this, 
a ray of sun stands out. 
One person with a sweet smile 
seems to make the world 
turn good. 

No matter how dark 
the future seems, 
now it is light
with her presence.

And yet as much 
as she means to me, 
I can never tell her 
how much I love her.

Because sometimes 
when you love someone, 
the best thing you can do 
is set them free.

- DrkPlague


 defaced by the dhc (nemesystm)


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