Tahal Group is Israels largest engineering consultancy firm and ranks among the top companies in the world. But does it has the potential to keep up with its security? Nah :) Because Israel is cursed by poor Muslims, as long as Israel violates the law of humanity its I.T. and LEADING COMPANIES sites will be under attack by none other than m0r0n and nightman. O.k so much for the kindness now let us get factual. ISRAEL IS THE MOST PATHETIC, VICIOUS, PIECE OF SHIT! EVEN THE ANIMALS ARE BETTER OFF THAN THEIR POLITICAL LEADERS AND ARMED FORCES.. AND WHY THE HELL IS ISRAEL DEPENDENT ON U.S.? THEY ARE BLOODY SO ugly that they cannot even COUNT PROPERLY!!!! Anycase as per news i think the vote counters are given a dead line for counting but who knows what is going to happen? The point here is not the elections!! The point here is why the hell is Israel laying its body on U.S. shoulders... cannot they help themselves???? Why cannot they have peace?????? And not to forget their savage and monstrious act against the Muslims of Palestine. Well, recently we have been getting a lot of emails some VERY COMPFORTING and ENCOURAGING while others VERY MEAN AND VERY ABUSIVE! So, we would like to thank all the people who have been emailing us their comfy comments and we want to spit on those people who have been emailing harsh comments. Please send all your GOOD comments to m0r0nandnightman@hushmail.com and all your BAD comments to spit@israel.is.pathetic.com . So we wish Peace @ Palestine and Peace @ Kashmir! LONG LIVE PAKISTAN ( PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!)