Syscom of Israel owned by m0r0n and nightman! Anything Anti Islamic and corrupt shall be hacked! Israel stop being so DESPICABLE!!!! We know how much a sucker you are... STOP PROVING IT TO EVERYONE!!! Again a quick pop quiz for you people... Which country in the Middle East Routinely ....yes.. that is right ... Routinely violates the international borders of another sovereign state with artillery and gun fires.. yes it is none other than the SUPER STINKY ISRAEL!! and who is U.S. after??? IRAQ???!!!?!?! How crippled or should we say Mono-political!! The politicians and ARMED forces of Israel stop proving yourselves as IMBECILES!! We already know it!! OK??? Anycase, usually we do not use such obscene language but AFTER SEEING SO MUCH VIOLENCE!!!!...we had to take this innitiative!!!! Salamz to Gforce Pakistan, DoctorNuker ( Spider Magazine) :) and all those who support us! All ifs and buts to ... . .. . . . . Peace @ Palestine and Peace @ Kashmir. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN (PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!)