defaced by the dhc

The US has done it again. The whole world is laughing at how the US has no idea who won the elections. All the squables over a few votes makes that electoral college look bad.

I wonder what the founding fathers would have said if they had heard about this years elections. A dead man gets elected as senator because of "memory", a few hundred people in Florida decide who becomes the president, marijuana laws for the ill pass in Nevade and Colorado, and here comes the kicker: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clintons wedded sidekick becomes senator of New York.

While having a woman finally become an important part of the government is very good, I wonder if Hillary is such a good idea. She hardly knew anything about New York when she started, so don't expect her to know much about New York now even if she studied on it. And don't you as reader of this site believe that she should've given Bill the boot? Cheating on people is cheating on people, even if it is the president. What she did was just forgive him, she took the easy way out which means more money and prestige for her.

Money and prestige aren't decent motivators. Be careful with your personal Clinton.


 defaced by the dhc


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