Lantronics Limited of Israel hacked by m0r0n and nightman. The reason behind this defacement is GLOBAL AWARENESS! Global awareness to the fact tha ISRAELI SOLIDERS AND ARMED forces are killing innocent PEOPLE OF PALESTINE! ISRAEL just about the time when GERMANS were killing you dont you remember the pain? says Ali Mukhri in his email to us! The pain is really immense indeed for us since its our MUSLIM brothers being brutally killed in both PALESTINE and KASHMIR. STOP KILLING innocent people for heavens sake!!! The whole MIDDLE EAST is against ISRAEL now as they said in their recent meeting and so should every NORMAL human being, seeing what is going on there is indeed a horrifying experience. I think or rather we think all of the countries should simply boycott any relationship with such a terrorist state as ISRAEL. The terrorism is going on for years and is supported by many countries. This should end the world should come to PEACE.ANy queries to . PEACE @ Kashmir and PEACE @ PALESTINE. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN(PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!)