PC CENTER cracked by m0r0n and nightman of Pakistan. The reason behind this defacement is GLOBAL AWARENESS...people out there think Israel is on the right side...WRONG! Israeli soldiers and corrupt POLITICIANS are massacring and butchering all the innocent PALESTINIAN people. Everywhere you will find Muslims being looked down upon and crushed! Take the example of KASHMIR--a territory that should be set FREE but is owned by INDIAN ARMY. This should end! Everyone knows how unethical Israeli politicians have been throughout these years ... . I SALUTE and dedicate this hack to ALLAMA IQBAL(a great hero who literally coined the word FREEDOM into MUSLIMS and who made the MUSLIMS of SOuth Asia think that they should live in a separate homeland..that's how our country came into existance and now we live FREE! Freedom is the best thing in the world and only those who achieve it by devotion know it... We salute the people the KASHMIR and PALESTINE for the continuous struggle. PEaCE @ Kashmir and PEACE @ PALESTINE. LONG LOVE PAKISTAN(PAKISTAn ZINDABAD!!!). All ifs and buts to m0r0nandnightman@hushmail.com