Kis Technologies has been defaced by m0r0n and nightman. Now... who will win the Presidentship in the United States of America? I know this is what everyone out there is wondering nowadays. But if everyone will think about U.S. then who the hell is going to think about the Muslims that are being killed brutally in Palestine and Kashmir??? What is this??? Is this what we intend to do and is this what we are told by our religion to do?? Muslims are being killed and U.S. is busy deciding (re-counting) the votes??? I just hope this eventually ends up to be good for the Palestinian and Kashmiris. We wish PEACE to Palestine and Kashmir! Shouts go to Gforce(xtremist?), DoctorNuker, m0s, Aniclator, Cyberpunk and everyone who supports our cause. Please do not forget to send all your emails to ! Pakistan Zindabad *sigh*