Interwise Campus of Israel has been defaced by m0r0n and nightman. Why?? NOT JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT BUT BECAUSE WE WANT TO SPREAD GLOBAL AWARENESS!!!! ANYCASE WE ARE A BIT ANGRY BECAUSE WE DEFACED A SITE but somehow the admin was able to patch it in 5 minutes!!!!!???? ARE the admins so quick??? Well if the admins of ISRAEL are so quick in responsing then why the hell dont they respond to the PALESTINIAN WAR????????? Anycase we have nothing against the admins of ISRAELI SITES but what we are against is the violence being faced by they Palestinian due to the atrocities done by the ISRAELI SOLDIERS!! Please send all your queries to ( PLEASE NOTE that we have changed our email address due to the PUBLIC DEMAND!) Anyway big shouts to GFORCE PAKISTAN, Doctornuker, m0s, Aniclator, Cyberpunk and everyone who supports our cause. I take leave with only one thing in mind that our work is creating GLOBAL AWARENESS!!! so peace to Palestine and peace to Kashmir! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!