House of Harrari, Jewesh Music site hacked!! By m0r0n and nightman of Pakistan! MUsic???? Is this a time to listen to music and enjoy???? Israel is making life difficult for the Palestinian Muslims and YOU are thinking of enjoying through music!!! The ENJOYMENT IS OVER!!! STOP THE killing in PAlestine. WHen will the Israeli Politicians and Army men grow up? It is time when they acted like normal HUMAN BEINGS!! NOw for the person who hacked a sitewhich was VERY INTELLIGENTLY re-hacked by GFORCE ( wink.. nice work!) ahh... so what did he say that PAKISTAN IS GAY!! HEY PAL YOU ARE RIGHT!!! PAKISTANIS ARE GAY!!!! WE HAVE this habbit of being happy and pal we are really happy that some people out there are defacing in praise of PAKISTAN!! ( by the way if you did not understand this joke then please note that there is a pun in the GAY! GO GET A DICTIONARY!) We thank the people who wrote to us ... and supported us!! By the way there is a very serious advice for the .. pakistan is gay people... RUN!! BUT THEN .... YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE!!! BECAUSe we have SOME GREAT *FORCES :) who are going to rip your head and take the brain out of your skull and throw it to the dogs ( who MIGHT eat it:) ... ANycase so much for the gay part....... YOU PEOPLE THINK THAT WE DEFACE BECAUSE WE LOVE TO RIGHT?? PAKistan is gay...guys...??? NO!!!! WE DEFACE BECAUSE WE WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN PALESTINE AND KASHMIR!!! OK????? *sigh* All right.. big hootings for the MUJHAHIDEENS OF KASHMIR AND THE PEOPLE OF PALESTINE AND round of applause for the GFORCE PAKISTAN. Other shouts and his.. to Doctornuker, m0s, Aniclator, rsh, hackwieser, dodi, brake off, CyberPUNK, prime suspects and everyone out there READING THIS AND SUPPORTING US! Please send all your typings to and ... Peace @ Palestine and Peace @ Kashmir! LONG LIVE PAKISTAN ( PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!)