Here we go again... another Israeli site hacked! Today we got a lot of emails from all our supporters thanking us and encouraging us to spread the word.. Whom do you think they ALL were? MUSLIMS??? NO!! Only about half of them were Muslims while the rest followed some other religion but still supported us and patted us on our backs BECAUSE WE ARE SPREADING THE WORD!!!!! GLOBAL AWARENESS!!! IS OUR MOTTO! AND we are very happy that people are accepting with arms wide open not just for hugs but for pats too! Israel HAS ALWAYS BEEN NASTY in its work and it aggravated resulting in a misery for the MUSLIMS OF THE PALESTINES!! WE ONLY WISH WE COULD BE OUT THERE!!!!! Now let us compare things... Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir are dieing with UNNATURAL DEATHS! And the U.S. is having elections and enjoying Bushs.. victory??? And compaigning and throwing confettis!!! Is this right??? We hope this eventually turns out to be good and the NEW AMERICAN PRESIDENT works hard for the peace of Palestine and Kashmir! My message is complete or rather i should say OUR MESSAGE IS COMPLETE!! but of course just the message and not the cause! OUR CAUSE WILL REMAIN INCOMPLETE UNTIL PEACE ENVOLOPES PALESTINE AND KASHMIR AND NO HARM IS DONE TO ANY MUSLIMS OF ANY PART OF THE WORLD! Please send all your harsh and not so harsh comments to and ... Salutes go to ... the Palestinian People who are fighting their heart out! THE MUJAHIDEENS (FREEDOM FIGHTERS OF KASHMIR!) .........Gforce Pakistan for defacing FOR the MUSLIMS!... Doctornuker, m0s, rsh, hackwiser, Aniclator, prime suspects, CYBERPUNK, BRAKEOFF and EVERYONE seeing this and nodding affirmatively and all the people out there supporting us! Peace @ Palestine and Peace @ Kashmir! LONG LIVE PAKISTAN ( PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!)