Elgev Electronics of ISRAEL has been owned by m0r0n and nightman of PAKISTAN! As part of our GLOBAL AWARENESS ISSUE this is yet another attack on ISRAELI SITE brought to you by m0r0n and nightman, sponsored by the people who have emailed and encouraged us and co sponsored by our supporters!! OK... As promised by us ( we keep our promises UNLIKE THE U.N.!) we are quoting some of the excerpts from the encouraging emails that we got. Here is what LAURA CAMPOS writes about why she is confused over the worldly misbehaviour toward Palestine and about why they help Israel in their pathetic work.. and i quote... IT would be like i walk over to my neighbours yard and i build a condo on it. Then shoot my neighbour for protesting and then have the WHOLE neighbourhood (referred to as the WHOLE WORLD) give me money to buy more ammunitions to keep shooting at my neighbours family. World politics is so confusing....... unquote. Laughingeyes said...... When you write we wish we could be there, i feel so immensely touched........... Maz wrote .... I AM SO PROUD THAT OUR HACKERS ARE WORKING FOR THE MUSLIMS ALL OVER THE WORLD AND MAKING NEWS ON CNN....... and a lot of other people whom we will be quoting from time to time. ISRAEL, EVEN AFTER ALL THIS YOU THINK YOU PEOPLE ARE RIGHT??????????? SOD OFF!!! ALL THE ABUSES go to EACH AND EVERY PERSON WHO IS NOT SOLVING THE PALESTINE PROBLEM AND NOT TO MENTION THE KASHMIR PROBLEM!!!!! TEAR JERKING HUGS TO ALL THE PALESTINIANS, THE KASHMIRIS, GFORCE PAKISTAN, DOCTORNUKER, m0s .... other shake hands to ANiclator, CYBERPUNK, brake off, rsh, hackweiser and all those who support us! All the queries to m0r0n@cheerful.com and nightman@hushmail.com . Peace @ Kashmir and Peace @ Palestine. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN ( PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!! )