You have been hacked by m0r0n and nightman of Pakistan and there is only one reason behind this defacement and that is the WAR OF ISRAEL with PALESTINIANS! Stop the violence and STOP killing Muslims(that includes children and women!). There is no need for us to delineate the nature of Israel and their CORRUPT POLITICIANS becasue we all know about their pervert nature! What we want to show here is not that server is vulnerable but through this hack we want to create AWARENESS amongst the people of how non-human Israel can be. Violence never leads to victory, WAR LEADS TO A DEAD END!!! A very simple example is alos of KASHMIR and the war of the MUJAHIDEENS(Freedom fighters) againstIndia! SO the conclusion here is STOP VIOLENCE IN PALESTINE AND KASHMIR! Greetz to GFORCE Pakistan,DoctorNuker,Anti Security, Aniclator and all those who support us by their heart rending emails of which we are planning to quote a few of them in our upcoming HACKS! All queries to and Peace@KASHMIR and PEACE@Palestine. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN