Another Israeli site hacked! By m0r0n and nightman! Today we are VERY happy that people are coming back and hacking against the cruelties done to Muslims all round the world! Gforce.. Welcome back and i put my hand across to shake yours for the hack and surely that defacement by anti-muslims was obnoxious! Pakistan Hackers Club (DoctorNuker! thanks a lot for hacking again and coming back and DEFACING, yet again, FOR the Muslims... m0r0n says hi to you). Palestine!!!! I know that things are a bit calm now but still GLOBAL AWARENESS HAS to be spread amongst the people and i hope we all end up successful! As for the Israelis and the INdians politicians and Army who are mesmerising things and making things VERY IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE MUSLIMS ( i have a lot of abuses for you!) And i know that everyone who is reading this is nodding affirmitively! All the queries and comments should be sent to and and WE WOULD appreciate it if people would send suggestions on our recent hack and tells us if we are on the right path or not! High fives to... Gforce Pakistan!, DOctornuker, m0s(come back), Pakistani government(for facing things and making sure that we do not bow down to the Indians and Anti-Muslim countries)... Please note that i am not against the PUBLIC and THE CITIZENS.... i know that it is the CORRUPT and PERVERT POLITICIANS WHO are behind this. ScorpionKTX, Aniclator, Prime Suspects, Anti Security, Cyberpunk and brakeoff, nexus and everyone who supports this cause. Peace@palestine!