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GForce Declares a War against Israeal? (or however the fuck it's spelt) Part 2

OK, if you CANNOT take the pictures, i`m sorry but this is the truth and we all have to face it!



the fucking jews, israleans are not any behind the Indians, these dumb mother fuckers are doing the same thing Indians did with Kahsmir.




Please Mail us articles, any thing against, regarding, concerning Israeal at, the pgp key is available but I`m not sure where i have it so i won't post this in this hack.

time i've put emails and comments that i got from the web site.

Do visit these web sites to find the truth about Palestine:

Thanks to Doctor Nuker for the below links, we just shamlessly cut/pasted it, but it's ok we all have the same motive and same passion :)


Gallery of Israeli Massacres (Not for the faint hearted)
Deir Yassin Remembered In all over 100 men, women, and children were systematically murdered
Nakba Testimonies, Destroyed Villages, Chronology, Photo Gallery, Bibliography, Links
Palestine Diaspora Photographs, Links
The Price of Peace .... Massive gallery of Israeli crimes on Arab people, Israeli massacres, Profiles of Zionist Racists
September 1996 Memorial Shows the human face behind the statistics of the September 1996 clashes


Admin, fuck off

Signed, GForce Pakistan

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