Another israeli site hacked! By m0r0n and nightman. *sigh* I wish i had the guts to go to Palestine and fight for them! But every wish is not *always* granted :) The Israeli trucks that came back last night.... for their sake only i hope all of them come back and this war ends once and for all! This hack is not just dedicated to the brave soldiers of Palestines but also to the brave MUJAHIDINS (FREEDOM FIGHTERS) of Kashmir! Who live to die for their country and who fight because they know that they are on the right path. This hack is for global awareness so please visit or search for the latest news on Kashmir and read about it so that you might come to know of the attrocities being done to the Muslims of Kashmir! I wish ......* and i wish * ....... !!!! ah..anycase now for the shouts : Gforce Pakistan ( for creating global awareness on the Kashmir issue), Rsh , hackweiser , ScorionKTX (where are you pal?), Anincilator ( hi dude), Cyberpunk and brakeoff, Prime suspects, The new groups that are coming in and all the defacers/hackers who hack and GIVE A MESSAGE! And hack for a reason! All the ifs and buts to and . Peace@kashmir and Peace@palestine. Pakistan Zindabad. :)