You have been hacked by m0r0n and nightman of Pakistan and there is only one reason behind this hack and that is the WAR OF ISRAEL with PALESTINE! Stop the violence and STOP killing the palestinian muslims (that includes children and women). There is no need for me to delineate the nature of Israel and their CORRUPT politicians because we all know that whatever Israel is doing to PALESTINE IS WRONG!!!! What i want to show here is that violence never leads to victory and that war is never ended until OUR LOVED ONES ARE SACRIFICED FOR IT!! WAR LEADS TO A DEAD END!! A very simple example of that is KASHMIR! ANd the WAR of Pakistan against INdia. There can never be any output of wars and so i take leave with only thing in mind that this hack will create just a little more awareness and that people who look at this hack will think about the problem that Palestine is facing right now. I just hope that this hack does not end in vain. All the queries to and . Peace@Palestine and Peace@Kashmir. Pakistan Zindabad!