The American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Hacked By
Doctor Nuker

Founder Pakistan Hackerz Club

This is to inform you that the web site server is hacked..the web site
defaced and all of their users database is compromised. Yes, that includes not only users
personal information but their credit card numbers too (that implies to people who have
subscribed to their services).

Click here to get the credit cards and whatever information available on this web site.
(Don't be afraid about the .gov or .mil email addresses in the database..they are JUST jews..)

I've put all the email addresses in a file so that you can have an nice mailing list of 3500+ people
Click here to get the mailing list

The hack is to protest against the attrocities in Palestine by the barbarian Israeli
soldiers and their constant support by the US government.

Instead of writing articles or putting pictures of Israel's atrocities in Palestine, this
time i've put emails and comments that i got from the web site.

Do visit these web sites to find the truth about Palestine:

Gallery of Israeli Massacres (Not for the faint hearted)
Deir Yassin Remembered In all over 100 men, women, and children were systematically murdered
Nakba Testimonies, Destroyed Villages, Chronology, Photo Gallery, Bibliography, Links
Palestine Diaspora Photographs, Links
The Price of Peace .... Massive gallery of Israeli crimes on Arab people, Israeli massacres, Profiles of Zionist Racists
September 1996 Memorial Shows the human face behind the statistics of the September 1996 clashes

Some comments about the web site which i found in the database:

"You people are all bullshit"

"You are an evil organisation whose only purpose is the destuction of the arab world
an israeli domination mayall your members ROT IN HELL ITS A SHAME HITLER DIDNT FINISH

"Shame on AIPAC for allowing the killing of millions of Iraqi children because of economic
sanctions.  I just visited Iraq and witnessed myself the destruction."

"Hi. I have a Jewish friend and she needs help. She got divorced because an abusive
relationship with a US Citizen. She is a resident and her kids (the Government decided)
are with the man. The kids have been neglected and abused (only physically), but Child
Protective Services is not doing anything about it. She has little money, and she has
turned to many people in search of help. She is lossing heart and Faith. If you know of
any organization that can help her, GOD will surelly bless this. The case is so complex
that these are just the main things. I'm not Jewish, but it hurts me to see her in this
condition. I tryed to contact Christian organizations, but she feels intimidated ( I can
understand that) and I don't want her to feel this way, that's why I'm looking first with
Jewish organizations. Thanks for your time.  ****

oOps..this one is not related..

"Please delete my name from your e-mail list and do not send me any other messages.
Today I have received over 100 identical messages from you concerning your need to contact
Congress. If you don't discontinue immediately, this will be reported to MSN"

I would like to quote some of the contents i got from the email database:

"To answer your question "Have you ever been to Israel?" I said No because I have been to
Palestine. Anyway, my comment here is you state in your section "The Peace Process" you say:
For 50 years, the U.S. and Israel have together pursued peace in the Middle East!!
How did israel do that? By killing, deporting and torturing the Palestinians?
By killing pregnant women (1948), ripping their stomachs open and raping them?
By occupying our land in 1948 and 1967? By invading Lebanon? By dividing the Arabs in
the Middle East?  Please, give me a break!!"

"AIPAC has urged the Palestinians to "avoid unilateral actions that might lead to violence.
Was David Ben-Gurion's declaration of a Jewish State in May 1948 such an example???
Therefore, is the State of Israel illegal? From an email I received Friday from
****** ****** <*******>:
"In November 1988, the Palestine National Council proclaimed the establishment of the
State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital." Did you know that?"

"It is disturbing that you believe Jerusalem is the rightful capital of Israel. On what
logic or authority do you base this? From an unbiased perspecitive, Jerusalem belongs to
the natives of the country. Who are naturally Palestinian. As you probably know, Israeli
occupation is in violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 which posits
the inadmissability of land acquired by war. Israeli occupation also violates almost every
article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as set by the United Nations in 1948.
How are you able to justify and legitimate your human rights and International law violations
and feel righteous and arrogant about doing so? The irony of a persecuted people occupying,
colonizing, and denying the fundamental rights of another (Palestinians) is hypocritical and
criminal. You lack the the humanity for others that you demand for yourselves."

Thanks for your time.

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