:: Defaced By azndragon ::

azndragon 0wns j00 and your weak Italian server. Admin, hiding the path won't help a bit. I could easily find the path. Do NOT e-mail me, admin. Cause i will e-mail you on how to fix your weak shit for future use. Btw happy birthday to my m0mm4 and happy halloween to you all ! Ok, i have to say this, whether you are interested or not. There is one thing which bugs me really, i'm talking about those scrappy halloween hack attacks. I just don't understand why people are copy-catting pimpshiz. It's widely known that he is lame, and still everybody thinks he's an l33t guy, because he was featured in the media and other shit. He might be nice and shit, but he is lame, that's for sure. And i ain't telling you that i am l33t or something, but at least i won't say that i am using some 0-day which is actually some lame shit even worse than Frontpage Extensions or Anonymous FTP access. So think about it, and pimpshiz, get a life ! Sh0utZ to all mah aZn br0's out there, and to Christina Aguilera. FuckZ t0: The Hitler Crew, i shouldn't even mention them here, they don't even deserve to get the attention with their neo-nazi thoughts, but well, just hope to share my thought about them. Also fuck re-defacers!! Ah well enough ranting for now, here's a little pic of a hot Japanese babe called Fujiwara (Fubuki is better, but hmm this should do it.):

En de groeten naar alle Nederlandse Hackers (behalve Gerrie en RedAttack), ik ben jullie niet vergeten. 8)


Italy's Security Sucks.