::Defaced By azndragon:: 
Pretty pathethic, another Italian website hacked. What will be next ? A bank ? *hint*. JP, you sad boy.. go to your momma Meinel, and go cry for help. AntiOnline will be defaced/hacked again haha ! Yo The Hitler Crew, you guys are a bunch of stupid fucks. Btw, i am aZn, fuckers, come and get me, we'll chop yer dicks off and stick it in our sushi for you to eat, lamers. pimpshiz, you really think you're all that huh ? I guess you don't know to how hack anymore, right ? Why don't you continue with your l33t PUT hacks ? heh. Enough bullshit for today.. Mad ShoutZ to all mah aZn br0's out there, and some BiG FuckZ to : The Hitler Crew, AntiSecurityHackers, Gerrie and BsE....


Mad ShoutZ t0: doom, natas, rfp, psaux and nexus. 

Respect to: The Level Seven Crew

admin: Do NOT e-mail me, cause i will e-mail you.... 

  Italy's Security Sucks.