Vellore Enginerring College of India hacked? Indeed! And as usual this has also been a part of the DIWALI HACK! So have a very Unhappy and horrific DIWALI! Now for the main reason behind this hack, KASHMIR! Read clearly everyone and read it loudly so that everyoe would listen to it THAT KASHMIR SHOULD BE SET FREE!! NEWS...A day before there was a shooting on the LOC ..line of control..and a lot of Indian soldiers were shot dead and many Pakistani soldiers got wounded. In another encounter a lot of Pakistani soldiers were killed, 12 to be exact as said by, and many Indian soldiers were injured. What is it? This indeed is outrageous! And the misery will aggracate if the matter is not solved. I hope the next OIC SUMMIT meeting talks about Kashmir and tries to solve this inexpicable matter. Now coming to the redefacers..TBTEAM? SKY CRASH? You redefaced all the site that we defaced on Saturday so you idiots just put your nicks on them?? IDIOTS! we defaced that site so that global awareness would be created and people would read what the f* is happening in KASHMIR BUT YOU NEVER CARED, dyou not? What is with you people? Stop redefacing or else you will be getting a lot of f* words from everyone like the other redefacers do. Anycase, as mentioned in my previous defacements, that i am not against anyone except for the whores that show up every 15 minutes on ZeeNews conversing about everything possible against PAKISTAN! And other f* words goes to the INdian corrupt politicians who site on their fat and chubby asses and TRY to degrade Pakistanis. Now for the usual.. Gforce Pakistan, DoctorNuker, ScorpionKTX, Anicialtor, CyberPunk, prime Suspects, brakeoff, rsh, hackweiser, Star World for showing neat series like the practice, damn it start due south again!!, about buying the new episodes of the new season? JAG! ...AXN you people rocked about 2 months ago but now hmm...anycase, my cable guy for showing NEW PIRATED MOVIES heheh.. ahh and special thanks to ATTRITION, ALLDAS and HAXORDOT for their mirrors! By the way our phone line is hack ..oh i mean back to people must have noticed!!... so shouts to PTCL our telephone co. too! All right so much for today now i must run becuase HE WHO RUNS AWAY LIVES TO HACK, hehe i mean, FIGHT ANOTHER DAY!..Aristotle.. SO long, take care and have a very nice SUNDAY! All the ifs and buts to and Advertisement..visit it rocks!! Whats up Stargazer! ... by the way i forgot to tell this college that they are HACKED BY m0r0n and nightman! Peace out to all and PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!!!!!!!