Tata Interactive Services Hacked!! By m0r0n and nightman. Well there are a lot of reasons behind this hack. No.1 The Kashmir problem should be solved and Kashmir should be set free! Come on now ... things lately have been going out of the hands. Pakistani Soldiers killing Indian Soldiers on the LOC ( Line of control ) and Vice Versa! What is this??? I think it is about time that someone would make a difference. The TATA company is a very known company of India! Believe me i know it very well. It is a humangous company and i think by hacking their site i can create much more awareness of the Kashmir fact ( by the way it is humOngous and not humAngous heheh ). Anycase so much for the first reason and the second reason is THE DIWALI!!! This is, indeed, a part of the DIWALI HACK!!!!!! so we wish all the INDIANS A VERY HAPPY DIWALI ( Please make sure that you understand the pun in that sentence and it is a sarcasm rather than a wish). Well in our previous defacements.. www.nisc.co.in , www.sp.co.in, www.mahindra.co.in, www.sraspy.co.in , www.vec.ac.in and many other *.in we said somewhere that HINDUS Are this and that.. WELL!! WE are sorry for that it is just that we got a little too carried away but someone made sure that we do not make the same PUNISHABLE mistake again. So now comes the embracings.. Gforce Pakistan, Anicialtor, ScorpionKTX!(whats up?), prime suspects, Doctornuker all the *.pk and our Government and OUR ARMY AND EVERYONE who supports this cause! So i take leave by giving our email addresses please make sure that you mail us with good comments hehe.. m0r0n@cheerful.com and nightman@hushmail.com. Well i am going to Dinner right now to a restaurant so peace@indian sites for sometime!! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!